LTAIG Conference Program Feature: Dancing Documents

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Dancing documentsWe have a great program at our upcoming Library Technicians and Assistants Interest Group (LTAIG) conference which will feature Colleen Quigley performing her piece, Dancing Documents.

Colleen Quigley is the Manuscripts Librarian and Acting Head for the Performing Arts Collection at the Archives and Special Collections at Memorial University’s QEII Library in St. John’s. She also holds a BFA in Dance from York University. She has worked as a performer, dance instructor and choreographer worldwide and has participated in Canadian think tanks, panels, and exhibitions on the preservance and other aspects of the performing arts.

Dancing Documents addresses a myriad of issues relating to the archiving and preservation of performing arts material. This 20-minute dance is light-hearted, informative and sparks much audience discussion.

Our annual, one-day LTAIG conference will take place on Monday, November 7, and is free to current NLLA members. You can register online to join us for a fun and informative day of conversation and networking with your colleagues across the province and the country!

LTAIG Conference Program Feature: Writers Alliance of NL

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WANLAt the upcoming Library Technicians and Assistants Interest Group (LTAIG) conference Denise Flint, President of the Writers Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador (WANL) will be presenting about “Read Ins”.

Flint, alongside author and WANL member Paul Butler, coordinated a series of read-ins in support of public libraries in Newfoundland facing closure in the wake of the 2016 provincial budget. Local authors who are current members of WANL have shown support for our libraries by reading their work in libraries all across the province; “We’re committed to showing our continued support of our invaluable libraries!”

Our annual, one-day LTAIG conference will take place on Monday, November 7, and is free to current NLLA members. You can register online to join us for a fun and informative day of conversation and networking with your colleagues across the province and the country!

NLLA Disappointed but Unsurprised by Public’s Reaction to Library Consultation

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NLLA was initially pleased that the provincial government kept its promise to consult the public, and that our association was contacted directly by EY, the company hired to conduct the review. Members of NLLA will be meeting with the reviewers in locations across the province this month.

Although we strongly believe in the importance of public consultation and encouraged the public to participate in one of the roundtable sessions and the online survey, we had concerns about the process that the province outlined in its September 30 announcement. NLLA member, Crystal Rose, spoke with media on October 4th, questioning the validity of the consultation process and outlining some of the association’s chief concerns. We were dismayed that there was little advance notice for the public sessions. With less than a week’s notice before the first sessions, we question how the review can gather comprehensive data regarding the proposed library closures.

NLLA is also concerned that none of the libraries slated for possible closure is included on the list of locations for consultation. We strongly urge the reviewers to go directly to the communities that would be affected by the proposed closures, in addition to the ten scheduled public roundtable sessions.

Furthermore, we are gravely concerned by the lack of library representation on the steering committee to whom the consultants will deliver their review. There are no individuals outside of the Provincial Information and Library Resources Board, the body who originally suggested that the best way to deal with the budget deficit was to close 54 libraries, or outside of Provincial government on the steering committee. There are no members of the committee who currently work in public libraries, and no representatives from the province’s library association. There are few librarians and no library staff in the group. It is essential that the views and concerns of librarians and library workers be addressed in the review process.

NLLA was unsurprised by the negative public reaction to the recent roundtable consultation session held in St. John’s this past Thursday evening. Significantly underestimating the number of people who would attend and using a consulting firm to control the discussion with a rigid question and answer format has left the people of Newfoundland and Labrador with the impression that the provincial government is not fully committed to a truly consultative process.

We believe that a review of our province’s public library system is an important task and we strongly encourage the reviewers to widely consult all those who will be affected by the decisions and outcomes of this review.

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LTAIG Conference Program Feature: “TransStories” Social Justice Work through Libraries and Archives

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TransStoriesAt the upcoming Library Technicians and Assistants Interest Group (LTAIG) conference Dr. Ailsa Craig and Jeannie Bail will be presenting TransStories, social justice work through libraries and archives, a joint project of Memorial University Social Work and Archives and Special Collections.

The presentation will provide an overview of the Transgender Archives (TGA), of which selected materials are on display at the Queen Elizabeth II Library this month (October 5-November 9), and the story of how the collection came to St. John’s. The TGA, founded by Dr. Aaron Devor at the University of Victoria in 2011, is the world’s largest collection of transgender archival materials. The talk will focus on some of the major donations to the collection, the types of materials found in the archives and the importance of finding and preserving trans history and connecting it with contemporary local communities.

Dr. Ailsa Craig is an associate professor in Memorial University’s Department of Sociology, and Jeannie Bail is Acting Special Collections Librarian at the Queen Elizabeth II Library.

Our annual, one-day LTAIG conference will take place on Monday, November 7, and is free to current NLLA members. You can register online to join us for a fun and informative day of conversation and networking with your colleagues across the province and the country!

Keynote Announced for November LTAIG Conference

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ANCThe Library Technicians and Assistants Interest Group (LTAIG) holds a free, annual one-day conference every fall to highlight and promote libraries in the province and the library staff who work there. Join us on November 7 for a fun and informative day of conversation and networking with your colleagues across the province and the country!

This year’s conference theme is Achieving Diversity. As library professionals, we recognize how critical library and information resources, services, and technologies are for people, especially those who may experience language or literacy-related barriers, economic distress; cultural or social isolation; physical barriers, etc. Libraries can, and should, play a crucial role in empowering diverse populations for full participation in a democratic society. Those who work in libraries understand the value of a diverse collection and workforce in achieving this vision. By assembling the perspectives and experiences of multiple diversities—age, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, sexuality, and more—libraries can continue to innovate and improve services and respond to the needs of changing communities.

Our 2016 conference will feature a keynote address on “Cultural Intelligence” by Sanchita Chakraborty from the Association for New Canadians (ANC). Increase you cross cultural awareness and understanding. Learn the importance of being a welcoming community. Explore basic cultural sensitivity concepts, the immigration experience, the stages of culture shock, stereo types, discrimination and so on.

NLLA members can register online for free. Not a member? Join/Renew your NLLA membership.

For more information and for the full conference program visit our conference webpage or contact Conference Convener, Donna Inkpen.

Province holding public roundtable consultations to review public library system

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Save NL Public LibrariesAfter much media coverage and public outcry at the proposed closure of 54 branches of the Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries in April, the provincial government announced in June that they would suspend the library closures pending “an external assessment that contemplates the full impact a library has on its community.”

NLLA President, Krista Godfrey, spoke to media in July commending the decision, “We’ve had a lot of feedback from communities, they’ve been very upset, kind of blindsided by this decision, so I think this will give them a chance to actually have their voice heard, which is excellent,” but also cautioned that it’s vital to ensure the committee conducting the review looks at individual libraries to make informed decisions if they move ahead with closing any of the locations.  “One of the things I’m hoping will come out in this review is how underfunded this system is and will show that in order to provide the best system, we need to address the chronic underfunding that has happened,” said Godfrey.

Now, the public are invited to participate in the province’s review of the provincial public library system. Public roundtable consultations will run from October 5 to November 2, and will consist of ten public roundtable sessions, as well as an online surveys and written submissions. The roundtable sessions will take place in Bay Roberts, St. John’s, Marystown, Clarenville, Springdale, Grand Falls-Windsor, Twillingate, Rocky Harbour, Stephenville, and Labrador City:

schedule of public roundtable consultations

You are invited to participate in one of the public roundtable consultations

In addition, the NLLA strongly encourages the public to submit your views through the provincial government’s online survey, or in writing using the library system review – public consultation  online response form. Submissions will be accepted until November 4, 2016. Now is your chance to tell the province how much you value and use your public libraries!

Library Technicians & Assistants $500 Bursary

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Are you a library technician, assistant or other library staff living outside the St. John’s area and would like to be able to attend the upcoming Library Technicians and Assistants Interest Group (LTAIG) conference? Good news: there is funding available!

The NLLA is pleased to offer library technicians, assistants, and other library staff in the province the opportunity to apply for funding to attend a conference or take advantage of other professional development opportunities. Funds will be awarded on an as needed basis of up to $500 per year. For more information, please see our LTAIG Bursary Guidelines.

To apply, download the LTAIG Bursary Award Application Form

For more information please contact the NLLA Representative for Library Technicians and Assistants, Donna Inkpen.