About the NLLA

The Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association (NLLA) is a group of people who are interested in assuring the excellence of public, school, special, and academic libraries in the province.

The association was established in 1969 by a group of 23 dedicated librarians. The first President of the association was librarian, Margaret Williams. There is an annual monetary award in her name to promote the development of librarianship in Newfoundland and Labrador by providing funds for scholarships, research, special projects, and work exchange opportunities.

Our association now has over 100 members. Originally the “Newfoundland Library Association”, it was renamed the Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association in 1997. Historical records of the association are available in the Memorial University Libraries Archives and Special Collections.

The NLLA meets annually in St. John’s in May, and our Library Technicians and Assistants Interest Group meets annually in late fall. The NLLA is one of the twelve library associations which form The Partnership, Canada’s national network of provincial and territorial library associations.

Past Presidents of NLLA:

1969-1971 Margaret Williams
1971/1972 Calvin Evans
1972/1973 Barbara Hann
1973/1974 Pearce Penney
1974/1975 Audrey Logie
1975/1976 Patricia Rahal
1976/1977 Suzanne Sexty
1977/1978 Sylvia Teasdale
1978/1979 Elizabeth Behrens
1980/1981 Joy Tillotson
1981/1982 Charles Cameron
1982/1983 Joan Ritcey
1983/1984 Virginia Fischer
1984/1985 Elizabeth Browne
1985/1986 George Beckett
1986/1987 Barbara Porrett
1987/1988 Judy Escott

2003/2004 Annette Anthony
2004/2005 Janet Goosney
2005/2006 Ron Knowling
2006/2007 Darrell Squires
2007/2008 Dan Duda
2008/2009 Stacey Penney
2009/2010 Wendy Rodgers
2010/2011 Melissa Feaver
2011/2012 Crystal Rose
2012/2013 Erin Alcock
2013/2014 Kathryn Rose
2014/2015 Katie Lawton
2015/2016 Amanda Tiller-Hackett


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