Past Conferences

The NLLA’s annual conference is typically held in May in St. John’s.

2019 Annual Conference: 50 years of Celebrating Libraries 1969-2019, April 29-30

2018 Annual Conference: Smooth Sailing through Rough Waters, May 7

2017 Annual Conference: Survive and Thrive, May 8

2016 Annual Conference: Creating Communities, May 9

2015 Annual Conference – Mainstays: Charting the Course, June 10

2014 Annual Conference: Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground, April 28

2013 Annual Conference: The Cut of your Jib: Embracing Culture in Our Libraries, May 13

2012 Annual Conference: In the Information Watershed, May 14

2011 Annual Conference: Infinity and Beyond…The Future of Library Services in Newfoundland and Labrador, May 16

2010 Annual Conference: Cultivating Connections, May 7 (Download 2010NLLAConferenceProgram)

2009 Annual Conference: The Library Kaleidoscope, May 1 (Download 2009NLLAConferenceProgram)

2008 Annual Conference – Information Overload: The Challenge Ahead, May 2 (Download 2008NLLAConferenceProgram)

2007 Annual Conference – Networking: Choices and Alternatives, May 22 (Download 2007NLLAConferenceProgram)

2006 Annual Conference: The Changing Face of Libraries, May 5 (Download 2006NLLAConferenceProgram)

2005 Annual Conference: Libraries in Motion, May 6 (Download 2005NLLAConferenceProgram)

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