Amendments to NLLA Constitution Approved

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Canadian_Constitution_Act_SigningAt a general meeting held in St. John’s on October 15, several proposed amendments to the NLLA’s constitution were unanimously approved.

Three of the amendments recognized the importance of library support staff to our association. The wording of article II, “Aims and Objectives”, section c, and article III, “Membership” were amended to include “library technicians, library assistants, other library staff.” Additionally, the term of office and the election process for the Library Technician and Assistant Representative was added. Section VII, “Elections”, section c, was amended to read “Members who hold the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and Library Technician and Assistant Representative will hold a position for one (1) year; they may be re-elected but may not hold the position for more than two (2) consecutive years. The Library Technician and Assistant Representative will be elected during a general meeting at the LTAIG conference held in October. Should that conference not be held, the election will be deferred to the following May annual general meeting.”

Lastly, a change was made to the terms of membership. Rather than have the membership year be set from May 1st to April 30th annually, article IV was amended to read “The membership year shall be one year from the receipt of payment.” The NLLA Executive believes that this more flexible membership will better serve its constituents and potentially attract more members.

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