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The NLLA wants you!

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The NLLA nominating committee is seeking nominations for one officer of the association, the Vice President/President Elect.

  • This is a three year position; Vice President for the first year, President the second and Past President in the final year.
  • Activities and responsibilities include; planning the NLLA Spring Conference in the first year and learning the ropes so that you can act as the official representative of the Association.

If anyone is interested but would like to ask some questions please get in touch. Nominations will be heard from the floor of the annual general meeting to be held from 10:50am – 11:50 am on May 13, 2013 but will also be accepted via email to me in the event that you cannot attend this meeting (please drop me a line either way, it will be useful to know that nobody is interested in doing this sooner rather than later). The election will be held at the annual general meeting, votes will be by secret ballot (special arrangements for those members unable to attend this meeting can be made. Please get in touch if you would like to take advantage of this).

We are also seeking a volunteer or possibly two to serve as coordinators of NLLA’s Canadian Library Month and Freedom to Read week activities for the upcoming year. Again, if more information required, please get in touch.

Please consider getting involved in our awesome association! These positions are open to any interested members.

Erin, President 2012-2013

Our 2012 Poetry Contest for Canadian Library Month!

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 October is Canadian Library Month! This year’s theme is “Libraries Connect”.

The NLLA distributed Canadian Library Month posters and bookmarks to schools and public libraries in the province and sponsored a province wide Haiku Poetry Contest. We received over 550 entries from students from kindergarten to grade 12 who composed haikus inspired by the theme” Libraries Connect”. A haiku is a form of traditional Japanese poetry that, when composed in English, typically consists of three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively.

Checkout the winning poems!

K-4 Winner: Haley Peddle, Grade 3 (Southwest Arm Academy)

Imagine the words
Let the letters come alive
Read a book and see

Most likely to be a librarian: Morgan Bennett, Grade 4 (C.C. Loughlin)

I respect my books
It is a new adventure
Please respect the books

Honourable Mention: Youngest participant Mollie Walsh, Grade 2 (Fatima Academy)

I can read a book
Good book, bad book, many books
You will learn a lot

5-8 Winner: Andrew Antle, Grade 7 (G.C. Rowe)

I lay on the shelf
As confident as a king,
Waiting to be read

9-12 Winner: Gregory Lacosta, Grade 9 (G.C. Rowe)

If books were heroes
Bad grammar should keep away
Books are here to stay