Canadian Library Month Poetry Contest Winners

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Our annual poetry contest for Canadian Library Month brought in a lot of entries from all over the province, and we want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to submit a poem. It was EXTREMELY difficult to choose just one winner per age category, because they were all so good! Our NLLA President, Kate Shore, announce all of the winners this week on CBC Radio.

The following are the winning poems;

Stokesley Boland, Gr.3
St. Francis of Assisi School, Outer Cove

Ghosts and goblins will give you good looks
for the coolest cook book.
The goblin will cook and
the ghost will read the best cook book
you ever believed!

Lacey Blanchard, Gr. 5
St. Thomas Aquinas Elementary, Port au Port

You walk into a library,
Many books you will see,
Mysteries and poetry,
Sometimes even me!

I am filled with fairy tales,
Many different kinds,
I have way too many pages,
With lines and lines and lines!

My pages you will turn,
My stories will keep you blinking,
It’s truly really crazy how,
A visit will get you thinking!

Rebecca Sellers, Gr. 8
Carbonear Academy, Carbonear

As I enter the door
and find my favorite, cozy chair,
I sit and look around
to see just what is here!

I look at all the shelves,
and all the things they hold
there are so many different books,
with so many stories told.

Each visit gets me thinking,
of what each book reveals.
Of stories of truth and fiction,
love and laughter too.
The library is the place for me
so many things to see and do!

So for at least one hour everyday,
let’s put away our phones,
our laptops and computers,
and read a book of poems!!

Mira Buckle, Gr. 9
Corner Brook Intermediate School, Corner Brook

Warm strong fingers reach around my weathered spine.
Lift me up from my resting place.
Alone on a bookshelf stuck in a time,
When my stories bring a smile to a child’s face.

Although I look tattered, although I look torn,
My stories, my pictures will draw you in close.
A world full of magic, where heroes are born.
The princess, the dragon, an excitement dose.

You can pick up your phone and leave me behind.
Please remember those adventures wrapped up in lace,
Soon I promise you will come to find.
A book will bring a true smile to your face.

Honorable Mentions;

Youngest Poet
Victoria Margaret O’Leary-Brophy, Kindergarten

Most Inspiration poem
Alex Abbot, Gr. 9, Mount Pearl Senior High

Most Literary References
James Burt, Gr. 5, St. Thomas Aquinas Elementary


Congrats to all our winners!

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