NLLA President Comments on Library Closure Review: We Need to Address Chronic Underfunding

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NLLA President, Krista Godfrey

NLLA President, Krista Godfrey

NLLA President, Krista Godfrey, spoke to CBC today about the provincial government’s announcement that it would be suspending the public library closures until a review can be done. Godfrey told CBC, “The best plan would have been to make an informed decision and have a transparent process, and obviously that’s not what happened to begin with, but better to realize that a mistake was made.”

“We’ve had a lot of feedback from communities, they’ve been very upset, kind of blindsided by this decision, so I think this will give them a chance to actually have their voice heard, which is excellent.” CBC reported that Godfrey said it’s vital now to ensure the committee conducting the review looks at individual libraries to make informed decisions if they move ahead with closing any of the locations.

“Libraries are great equalizers, they are part of people’s lives from birth to death,” she said.

“One of the things I’m hoping will come out in this review is how underfunded this system is and will show that in order to provide the best system, we need to address the chronic underfunding that has happened.”

Read the full CBC article.

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