Public Library Closures Suspended

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Great news today as the government announced that they will be suspending the library closures. According to the announcement, “an external assessment that contemplates the full impact a library has on its community” and a steering committee will be formed to lead this review. We’re pleased by this move towards an informed and transparent assessment of the library system and look forward to positive outcomes.

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  1. A library is a essential,…. a place where mother’s take their children for reading programs, to learn the love of reading. Libraries are for the elderly to be part of a extended family, of family’s to check out books, for quiet time, for research. NOT everyone can afford books, or computers or ebooks and in this age of technology where else can you teach children that reading and libraries are very cool where you can be a part of something bigger with out actually having to participate in anything but reading. Libraries are community and communities are families.


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