Cuts in NL covered by International Library Journal

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Library Journal, a trusted and respected publication for the international library community, has done a story on the NL Government’s decision to implement a 10% book tax and to substantially cut funding to the province’s public library system. Interviewed for the article were NLLA President, Amanda-Tiller Hackett, and Sandra Singh, CLA President and CEO of the Vancouver Public Library.

Tiller-Hackett said of provincial libraries, “They need to be open for enough hours to be of service to the community, they need to be staffed by qualified workers, and they need the money to run their programs and resources. Libraries are more than just buildings with books in them. I don’t think the Minister quite understands what a library is, what an effective library costs, what the function of a library is, and what library workers need to make a library a viable and successful community space.” Read the full article, “Newfoundland To Shutter More than Half its Libraries.”

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