Take Action to save our Public Libraries!

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Send a message to Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, Dale Kirby regarding the recent announcement of the closure of 54 of our public library branches. Stress the importance of all of our library branches and library workers, and their value in these troubling times.

We have created the following template message that you can email to Minister Kirby and your local MHA.  Or, fill out this form if you’d prefer us to send it to Dale Kirby and your local MHA on your behalf.

Subject line: Save our Public Libraries!

Dear Minister,

I urge you to reconsider the devastating cuts to the Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries. During times like these, public libraries are more needed in our province than ever.

Please get back to let me know what you have done in response to my message.




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  3. I sent my email to Dale Kirby. I hope everyone else does as well!

  4. Everyone, please don’t just comment here. Politicians need to receive your concerns directly or they may never get them.

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  6. libraries are important for pur communities

  7. Here in Buchans our library is in the school. Not only school kids use it, we have seniors as will as others that use the computers or just to get books. We are an hour away from a town with a library. Its not right and with gas prices going up, how can anyone afford go to another town. Books have be returned in 2 weeks so those trips are costly. Why is it that there are towns with libraries kept open and they are only 15 minutes away from anther town with one still opened. Please think of what you are doing.

  8. Dorothy Gracie

    My apologies–I filled out this form instead of clicking on the link provided above. Please feel free to forward my message to Minister Kirby and do not publish my comments here.


  9. Dorothy Gracie

    Although I do not live in your beautiful province, I’ve visited the small community library in Placentia, the hometown of my husband Frank English, and believe in the importance of libraries to every community–but especially those smaller and more remote areas where residents have little access to services and the Internet. Please rethink your very disheartening decision to close so many libraries in your province. They are a vital link to the past, present and future for all citizens.

    I was relieved to see that the library in Placentia is currently not one of the ones ear-marked to be closed, but this does not lessen my disappointment that so many others will be closing their doors. What will the people in these communities do without their beloved libraries and free access to information and ideas? To quote many good Newfoundlanders, “it’s shockin’ b’ys”.

  10. Cathy McPherson

    Libraries are critical in improving the overall literacy of people in their communities. They act as community centres as well to people of all ages and economic backgrounds.

    For this reason urge you to reconsider your decision to close down 54 libraries in Newfoundland and Labrador.

  11. I am from a small community on the Bay of Exploits and travel 40 min to my closest library in Botwood which has very limited hours as it is. Please do not impact myself and the many young and low oncome who use it and the free computers that are available..Many do not have access to both internet and computers in our outports and will impact our access to knowledge.

  12. Can you ask the premier why he continues to allow the OCIO to spend $15,000/met on just one consultant of several that are working at 40 Higgins line office yet libraries for our society is not a priority?


  13. What’s the best way for people outside the province to show their support?

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