Call for Proposals for 2016 Annual Conference Open

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The 2016 Annual NLLA Conference will take place on Monday, May 9. This year, our theme is Creating Communities.

The concept of community is fundamental to all types of libraries. As library workers, we strive to support and empower those in our communities in many ways: by providing access to print, electronic, and computing resources; learning & social spaces; help with research and information literacy education; and sometimes just a safe and welcoming place to go. We define our communities in many ways: our users may fit a particular demographic, may be affiliated with a school or an institution, or may reside together in a rural municipality. Finally, as library workers and members of the NLLA, we are each of us members of a rich and diverse occupational community.

How do you define community? How is it central to the work you do in your library, or the way you contribute to library research? What does community mean to library users, and how does it bring them to your library? Whether you are in a public, school, academic, or special library, community has an impact on the work you do. What thoughts, ideas or discoveries about community would you like to share and explore with us?

We are seeking proposals for the following presentation types:

  • Full presentation: 40 minute sessions, composed of a 30-minute presentation and 10-minute question period. May be either research or practice-based.
  • Lightning talks: 7-minute timed presentations, great for giving attendees a brief glimpse into an idea, project, or program.
  • Panelist: You will participate as one of a group of panelists answering moderated questions (shared with you before the conference) on themes of building, growing, and engaging with communities.
  • Virtual poster: posters based on some aspect of the conference theme will be produced electronically, and viewable online.

The deadline for proposals is Monday, March 28. Please submit your proposal using our online form and remember to include:

  • An indication of the presentation type (full, lightning, panel, or virtual poster)
  • The presentation title plus a brief abstract (max 250 words) describing the presentation, OR, if proposing to be a panelist, a brief rationale (max 250 words) for your participation
  • Contact details (name, library, position, telephone number and email address) for each speaker
  • A brief (max 50 word) biography for each speaker

For questions or comments, please contact Janet Goosney, NLLA Conference Program Committee.

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