NLLA’s Grinch Gift Exchange!

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Where: Bitters Pub Boardroom, 216 Prince Philip Drive

When: Wednesday, December 18th at 4:30pm

How it works:  

Everyone brings one wrapped and anonymous gift.  The maximum price tag is $5.

giftsParticipants draw numbers to determine gift unwrapping order.  The person who selects #1 goes first and chooses a gift to unwrap.  On subsequent turns, each person has the choice of “stealing” any unwrapped item or choosing a wrapped gift from the pile.

When a player’s gift is stolen, they must select a replacement gift from the pile of wrapped presents.  The game is over when the last person has taken their turn.

Some munchies will be provided by the NLLA.

Please RSVP: Amanda Power or Julia Mayo  if you plan to attend.

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