June Happening

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The NLLA’s June “Happening” will be a Family Fun Paintball Event taking place at Frontline Paintball & Laser Tag‘s outdoor playing field on Sunday, June 30th! Children aged 10 and older are welcome (encouraged even!) to come and, as always, spouses/partners are more than welcome.

The package includes:

– 100 paint balls per person
– equipment rental (includes mask and marker, with coveralls having an additional optional cost of approximately $4/person)
– pizza and drinks from Peter’s Pizza
– there will be approximately one hour of playing time followed by pizza (2 slices/person) and pop, which will be great after working up an appetite by pelting your co-workers/fellow library-lovers with paint balls!

Total cost per person:

$30/person (approx.) including coverall rental
$26/person (approx.) without optional coverall rental

The minimum number of people required for a booking is 8 (eight).

Please RSVP to Amanda Power or Julia Mayo on or before June 16th so that we can book our playing time. Spots fill up quickly, especially during the summer! The quicker we can book, the better chances we have of securing the field. Thanks!

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