Libraries Without Librarians Don’t Make Sense

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CBC News released an excellent article today on the Newfoundland & Labrador Public Library cuts, entitled “Libraries Without Librarians Don’t Make Sense.”

NLLA Past-President, Crystal Rose, who attended a budget forum organized by the NDP, is quoted in the article. Rose said the NLLA is “just baffled at the lack of planning and consultation that went into the decision-making for the budget cuts, and I think the public library system is a perfect example of the short-sightedness and the complete lack of understanding that went into the layoffs.”

Rose went on to say, “The analogy I would use would be if you took a hospital and [then] you laid off all the doctors, and then you said to the remaining staff, ‘We’re just going to divide that work up amongst you guys. Oh, we’re going to fire some of you as well, and, oh, the public is not going to be affected.”

She questioned the logic behind the Provincial Government’s decision-making. “In Corner Brook, with our beautiful new library building, where we have had a librarian for 35 years, we now have no librarian,” she said. “What went into that? What consultation and long term planning went into a decision like that — that you’re leaving the City of Corner Brook without a librarian?”

The NLLA had previously released a statement criticising the lay-offs of NLPL Librarians and library support staff. Please voice your concern to Education Minister Clyde Jackman through our take action form.

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