Media Coverage of Cuts to Newfoundland’s Public Libraries

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NLLA’s press release was picked up in The Telegram on Wednesday. Read the full article, “Library association critical of budget cuts.”

Yesterday, two laid-off NLPL Librarians, Melissa Feaver and Darrell Squires, were interviewed on CBC radio’s West Coast Morning Show. Listen to the podcast, “Public libraries didn’t escape cuts”.

Melissa and laid-off Corner Brook City Librarian, Jessica Prince, were interviewed yesterday evening on CBC television’s Here & Now. The clip is available streaming on the Here & Now website. The report stated that “Sixteen jobs in the province’s public library system have been cut. Five of those getting pink slips today were Professional Librarians.”

The story also made the front page of the Western Star newspaper this morning. Read the full article “Closing the Book” on the  Western Star‘s website, which included quotes from Corner Brook Regional Library Board Chair, Marc Thackray, and NLLA President, Erin Alcock.

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  1. It is such a sin to see all the strides we had made over the last 5-10 years within the library, improving and increasing programs, creating an elibrary service etc….come to a screeching halt.

    Julia St John’s

  2. Maureen Mennie

    I have followed this Budget with horror during the past few days. It seems the Government has gone on a cutting spree without thought of the consequences of its actions.The cuts might have been more palatable had they been working on the correct numbers. To go from 1.6million deficit and then change it to . 06million with they reaction to that mistake being “oops” does not fill one with confidence at the arithmetic. Cutting back on school personal will make sure that the population is as ignorant of basic counting as it is —- a clever ploy.

    I worked in the library system for years despatching books from the Provincial HQ here in Corner Brook to 45 schools around the West Coast . These schools had few or no books and the literacy level in many cases was poor. The Government whilst firing people in the library system who know what they are doing is making sure that libraries cannot “carry on ” as usual. We will have a population who cannot do arithmetic but that will not matter because school children won’t be able to read. I know there are E-Books etc but the interest in reading frequently begins with a library person showing children the wonderful world of reading. One cannot have a conversation about Harry Potter with an E-Reader. There is still nothing quite like “curling up with a good book” It never needs to be powered up or re-booted.To slash library personnel on the West Coast or anywhere else is counter productive, maybe that has been the plan all along, a population too stupid to argue. I have had a career in public .school and university and have yet to find a culture that does not require and revere well organized libraries for schools, university and the general public.

    It is sad to say this budget with its slashing at Health, Education and Employment. are stepping back in time to the detriment of all. We are going to become poor sick and uneducated probably because some financial wizard got his/her sums wrong. Everything will be fine in 2015 !! as long as we do not mind dragging ourselves back from the dark ages.

    “Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider ” Francis Bacon .

    The Government should consider this before it makes mistakes which cannot be rectified.

    Maureen Mennie 10 North Street Corner Brook NL


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