NLLA President’s VOCM Interview About Public Library Cuts

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NLLA President, Erin Alcock, spoke with VOCM this morning, voicing concern about the recent devastating cuts to Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries.

Read the VOCM’s report, “Not a Storybook Budget for Libraries” encouraging people to visit our website to take action.

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  1. A big loss for Corner Brook, especially in light of all the services and programs it makes (or made) available to the public for free. That kind of value-added benefit can’t be found anywhere else in this modern world where everything costs. Think of a public library as an internet cafe, bookstore, and DVD store all rolled into one – and those are just some of the bare basics. School gives you an education; public libraries support lifelong learning, self-help, and leisure. Marc Thackray and the Corner Brook local library board have the guts to speak out against these cuts, but what about the provincial board that oversees all public libraries in the province? It appears they’ve accepted these cuts to public libraries so as to “advise” library system directors on where to make those cuts and go against its own mandate written into provincial law. In doing that, they’ve helped facilitate a serious blow against quality of life in Newfoundland and Labrador.These cuts and lay-offs (and the ones to come) stand to cripple our public libraries. And they won’t help the deficit one iota since our libraries operate on such a small budget to begin with.


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