Corner Brook Regional Library Board Speaks Out Against Loss of Librarians

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The following statement was released today by members of the Corner Brook Regional Library Board:

“The Board Members of the Corner Brook Regional Library Board are shocked and dismayed by the short-sighted and destructive actions of the Provincial Government in their dismissal of the librarians Jessica Prince, Melissa Feaver, and Darrell Squires from the Western Public Library system. A Public Library system cannot run without Librarians. The government’s actions are destructive to the communities the Libraries serve and to the general public.

In Corner Brook, where we have a beautiful new facility, we now have no professional Librarian to order books and other resources, to initiate and manage programs, and to monitor the needs of patrons on the local level. This loss, which will likely be followed by cuts to operating hours and reduced hours for remaining staff, does irreparable damage to our Library. We believe that the Provincial government needs to acknowledge the damage it is doing and restore the Western District Librarian positions that have been cut.”

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  1. We accept that there may be a need for government to reduce expenditures. However the NL Public Library System has never received adequate funding. To reduce the services offered by professionals in the Regional Library centres is a regrettable backward step in a system which is already operating at a minimal level.
    With education becoming an increasingly important factor in the development of our population, young and old alike, to reduce those who provide the leadership in the system is a truly negative move.
    I hope this decision will be reversed before serious damage is caused in our already underfunded Library system, and our young people especially lose much of the benefit that our Libraries make great efforts to provide, often in the face of much difficulty.


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