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Harnessing the power of QR codes with Joe Murphy
1 hour web conference Tuesday February 21 @ 2pm ET
QR Codes have the potential to aid libraries in bridging the gap between their valuable in person print resources with the world of vast digital information. QR Codes are small barcodes that can be scanned with smart phones and can easily be created by libraries to contain links, tutorials, contact info, and more. Learn all you need to know about QR Codes as a front line service provider, what their value for your library is, and exactly how to leverage them to help cheaply meet your mobile patrons.
This session will highlight practical takeaways to help you apply this major technology at your institution.  Also learn about the evolving role of QR Codes in information environments, their growth across demographics with the spread of smart phones, and possible competitive technologies including Near Field Communication and Augmented Reality.This workshop is lead by Joe Murphy, who recently authored the book, Location-Aware Services and QR Codes for Libraries, highlighting how mobile technologies with a location element such as QR Codes can be leveraged by libraries.
Marketing Through Library Instruction: 3 Step Process with Karen Okamoto and Mark Aaron Polger
1 hour web conference Thursday February 23 @ 2pm ET
A library instruction class provides a unique opportunity for librarians to market the library’s plethora of print and electronic resources, library services, and librarians, themselves, as information experts. The actual class, albeit only 1-2 hours, provides the librarian an opportunity to market and promote the library. In our presentation we present a three-step process in which we use library instruction as a marketing tool.
HTML5 and CSS3: New Markup and Styles for the Emerging Web with Jason Clark
1.5 hour web conference Thursday March 1 @ 2pm ET
Geolocation, Native Video, Offline storage, Semantic markup elements, Canvas elements, Drag and Drop, Opacity, Gradients… HTML5 and CSS3 have been released and are changing the way web developers will work. With wide support in mobile browsers and the latest browser releases from Google and Firefox, HTML5 and CSS3 are poised to be the new technologies that will help build the next version of the Web. In this session, we’ll look at some of the possibilities, trends, and enhancements that HTML5 and CSS3 enable. We’ll talk through specifics of implementation and how you can get started using HTML5 and CSS3 in your apps today.
CLOUD Computing – Understanding the Opportunities with Paul Takala
1 hour web conference Tuesday March 6 @ 3:30pm ET
Cloud computing provides huge opportunities for enabling Information Technology resources to be transferring from managing infrastructure to adding value to the organization. This session will provide an overview of Cloud computing and explore the different types of Cloud services. Both the potential benefits and ways to manage potential risks will be addressed.
Wham! Kapow! Zap! Engaging students with graphic novels and comic books with Bruce White
1 hour web conference Thursday March  @ 3:30 pm ET
Comic Life and Bitstrips are a comic book/graphic novel generator that permits users to incorporate digital images into a comic book format or template.Learn how they were used as part of a for grade 10 students.

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